How London fastfood owner «saves the world» from Assad and Russia (PHOTO)

It turned out that «official» source of many Western media was England-based fastfood diner owner. 

Mister Abdurakhman is one of those who protects Syrians from Assad’s «tyranny». He hasn’t finished even middle-school course but he is alrady a British citizen so he owns a small business — runs his own diner.

Media giants like CNN, Reuters, «Radio Svoboda», The Times, Bild and many other Western media cover Syrian situation almost every day. Many national media translate and retransmit their stories.

But quite a few reflected where the information comes from, how do their reporters get the information?!

While covering Syrian conflict Western journalists refer to “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” NGO’s reports.

A common reader or viewer may imagine some valiant volunteers exploring under terrorists’ bullets. They gather information about horrendous basic rights violation escaping Assad, the president-dictator’s special services. 

But it is much more thrilling in fact. Human rights monitor is acually located on the banks of Thames, there are several employees: manager, translator and janitor.

One of the main activists mister Abdurakhman who hasn’t even graduated from middle school has British citizenship and runs his own diner.

It turns out that beautiful sign of human right potection hides office of a very disreputable fastfood diner’s owner.

Aleksandr Medvedev, excl. for «Russian Spring»

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