Save us! — Residents of the camp near the US base turn to Russia (PHOTO)

After the article in our site that tells about the situation in the Al-Tanf regió n in the south of Syria was reprinted by a number of Middle East papers, we got an e-mail with the photo of a handwritten letter in Arabic.

There was a request to publish it in our site to draw attention of the Russians and of the Russian government.
Here we quote the letter and its translation into Russian.

The letter from the refugees in The Rukban camp

We write on behalf of those who are in the Rukban camp. The situation here is very difficult. We are short of water, food and warm clothes. We fear for our children. The Jordanian border is still closed, we have nowhere to go.

In the camp there are a lot of armed men and sometimes they come into conflict. The medical support here is poor, ill and injured people don’t get necessary help. Americans do not care about us, they don’t help us. They don’t even take away the arms of people who go away from the camp.

We pray to Allah and ask the Russian government to follow words with action. We ask the Russian party to improve our situation and save our children. If the international community may help us through Russia and the Syrian government, then we ask Russia and the Syrian government for help.

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