The province of Deir ez-Zor: elimination of terrorists is a matter of next few days

After the Syrian government troops completely liberated the city of Abu Kamal, there are no large settlements that remain under the control of jihadists in the region.

Nevertheless, in some villages and settlements, small bandit formations are still continuing their activity, which, however, is successfully suppressed by the army units conducting the operation to clean them up.

On Friday, Islamic radicals liberated the village of Al Kishma, located near Abu Kamal, and a day earlier the village of El-Kraya was attacked by government forces.

As a result of the planned actions of the Syrian military over the past two days, several hundred militants were eliminated, as well as a significant number of weapons and equipment, which undoubtedly caused enormous damage to the capabilities of the radicals.

Indeed, for the terrorist groups, the situation in the province of Deir ez-Zor is now extremely deplorable. The remaining forces of terrorists are, in fact, taken into the cauldron and pinned down to the western bank of the Euphrates River, from both sides of which — from Mayadin and Abu Kamal — they are being destroyed by the units of the Tiger Force elite division of General Suheil al-Hassan with the support of Russian Air Force, all the roads around are controlled by government troops and their allies.

At the moment, the storm troops of the Tiger Forces division are advancing from El-Kraya to the south, and the main units of the division under the command of Suheil, together with the allies, are conducting an attack on the terrorist groups from El-Kishma. From nearby heights, terrorists are destroyed by the artillery of government troops as well as Russian aviation strikes.

Apparently, in this scenario, the arrival of reinforcements against radical Islamists is ruled out, which means that their final rout is the matter of the next few days.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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